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Present situation of sewing machine industry

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China Sewing Machinery Association Secretary General Yang Xiaojing said that as of the end of 2010, the national sewing equipment industry is well-known
Brand in Shenzhen local brand has more than 50, is gradually changing the quality of domestic industry and the international gap.
Shenzhen sewing machine industry output value or break 5000000000
Recently, the reporter learned from the Shenzhen sewing equipment industry association, more than 400 Shenzhen sewing equipment business has been from
The global financial crisis break out, into the rapid growth period, this year, Shenzhen sewing equipment industry output value is expected
Breakthrough 5000000000.
According to Shenzhen City sewing equipment industry association president Shi Tianxiang, the world's 70% sewing equipment in china,
While Shenzhen is one of the important industrial clusters, Shenzhen sewing equipment production and business enterprises have been formed from the zero
Pieces to the whole, from clothing design to the relevant supporting series of products, industrial chain integrity, sewing machinery industry
Reached five, sixty thousand people.
Shenzhen City sewing equipment industry services from the past mainly for the surrounding areas of textile and clothing, shoes and hats, bags
And other business services, the development of the current radiation to the country and the world.
Ningbo sewing machine export volume price Qi Sheng
According to Qianjiang Evening News, according to Ningbo customs statistics, in January this year, -11 months, Ningbo port total exports of industrial sewing machine
1427000 units, compared with the same period in 2009 (the same below) increased by 290000000; the total value of the export sewing machine 49.9% U.
83.9%; export average price of $199.9 per unit, an increase of 22.6%.
It is understood that the above data to the general trade way of the industrial sewing machine accounted for more than nine. Private enterprises and
Foreign investment enterprises as the main force of the export, respectively, 891000 and 442000 units respectively, an increase of respectively
32.5% and 1.4 times, the total accounted for two of the total of the same period in Ningbo port. Ningbo area sewing machine main
Exports to Brazil, ASEAN, India and Iran, the total of four people in the same period in Ningbo port exports 53.7%.
It is worth attention, China's sewing machinery industry has begun to change in the international level is low, the number and price
Cheap image, the formation of both basic to meet the domestic demand, but also has a certain international competitiveness of the production of products
System, the regional structure tends to be reasonable, into the rapid development of technology innovation as the main characteristics of the rapid development stage.

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