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   Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, a self-independent innovation business model in Guangdong province which specializes in making auto sewing machines and providing sewing integrated solution.

    Clinging to company's mission to realize sewing automation in the World, Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd has been dedicating to developing CNC template sewing machines, auto sewing equipment and template cutting machines, which aim at truly benefiting the manufacturers in various fields including clothing, footwear, car seats, furniture, sofas, leather goods, toys and so forth, by substantially boosting their production yield rate as well as improving product quality. "JOOKE", the brand owned by Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd, is now getting more and more attentions in the line.

    Since 2009, Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd has started to invest more than millions RMB in R&D each year. With great success in developing a variety of innovative technology products, such as CNC sewing machines JKC series,Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd have successfully gained a multitude of rewards including the national high-tech enterprises, the Chinese Academy of strategic co-operation, Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund finds supportunits, Guangdong Province key industrial technology research project funded units, Guangdong Province independent innovation demonstration enterprises,listed on Shenzhen SME foster team issued by the listed reserve enterprise,LongGang District Technology innovation Fund finds support units.

1. History

 2003,Senzhen Yano technology co.,ltd.was found in Shenzhen.
 2005-2008, we are concentrating on manufacturer industrial sewing machines
 2009, we started to invest to develop CNC-TSM
 2012, the CNC-TSM started to sell in market
 2015, the CNC-TSM was well sold and recognized by many clients by its high precision and stability.
 2016, we established agent in Indonesia, Vietnam.

 2. Service

With more than 20 persons repair and maintenance engineers doing after service for clients, thus, we can guarantee solve users' problem very soon! 

How will you benefit from using our TSM / CNC sewing automatic machine?

1. Highquality: TSM can achieve consistent automation to realize stable quality control and secure the product quality.
2. High efficiency: In terms of the same work procedure, the efficiency of TSMis improved by 1.2 times if compared with that of the traditional.
3. Shorten the production cycle: TSM can complete the production in a shorter period,thus shortening the entire production cycle.
4. Improve the delivery rate: TSM can shorten the production cycle to ensure the lead-time for customers.
5. Achieve automation for the demanding working process: realize both automatic production and easy operation.
6. Fewer staff, less equipment: less hiring, less machine operating, help easeworkers' stress and cut down on the maintenance costs.
7. Cost down: Improve the work efficiency and space utilization, realize the reduction in the cost of recruitment.

 3. Our Team

We are a harmonious family,Big sales team include sales, after-sales services, technology supporting etc.


Engineer team

Birthday of family people!

Increasing of our team, ourfamily would be in a brilliant future!

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Ms. Wang Wei Wei

International Sales Director

Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd.


Worktime : 9:00-18:00(Beijing time)

Business Phone :86-755-8950-0168(Ext.285) 

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